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Terms & Conditions

When concluding the contract, the direct Renter confirms and fully accepts all agreed terms and agrees with them.

Qualification of the Renter Driver

For the registration of the car, the Renter shall provide a passport, his/her driving license and a bank credit card. An international certificate is required when the Renter’s certificate is issued and important data is entered not in Latin letters, as well as for the persons residing in the United States.

The cars are rented to citizens aged 21 and over, who have at least one year of driving experience.

Authorized Car Driver

In accordance with the concluded Agreement, only the direct Renter enjoys the right to drive a vehicle of ETS company. Any other person who wishes to drive the vehicle registered in the lease, may be registered as an additional driver and is required to provide his/her passport and a driving license. This service is charged with a small additional fee.

The Renter fully accepts that he/she becomes an authorized person and does not allow any other person to drive the vehicle, if:

1. that person fails to meet the minimum defined requirements of the transport company ETS or the law that regulates the age limit of drivers, the period of validity of the obtained driving license or other stated requirements;

2. that person is not registered in the concluded Lease Agreement or is empowered by the ETS personnel;

3. that person is under the influence of consumed alcohol, drugs or other substances that seriously affect the rapid reaction.

Collection and Return of the Rented Vehicle

1. The ETS company provides the direct Renter with the vehicle in a fully serviceable, clean condition, with a full fuel tank and necessary package of documents.

2. The direct Renter shall return the vehicle to the ETS company in accordance with the exact place, date and time specified in the Lease Agreement, in the same condition as the vehicle was leased, with the same documents and additional present accessories, as well as taking into account the natural wear and tear.

3. Having reviewed the condition of the vehicle during the collection and while signing the Agreement, the Renter agrees that the vehicle is fully consistent with the description specified in the Protocol of Acceptance/Delivery, which represents the most significant part of the Lease Agreement. The Renter agrees that during the lease period, he/she is fully responsible for the careful use of the vehicle in accordance with the technical description, a package of documents and various additional accessories.

4. In accordance with the concluded Lease Agreement, the direct Renter must necessarily return the vehicle to the ETS company strictly at specified time. The Renterr is fully responsible for the vehicle until the arrival of the ETS employees in order to sign the Protocol of Acceptance/Delivery.

5. Provided the Renter cannot return the vehicle at the appointed time and at the place specified in the Lease Agreement, the ETS company has the full right to charge an additional fee in the amount of 30 GEL for a delay of up to two hours, and for a full day after a two-hour delay. Provided the Direct Renter does not return the vehicle at the previously agreed place, which is not an ETS office, or returns it at non-working hours, he/she will bear additional costs for the breach of the Agreement terms.

6. The direct Renter shall pay an amount of 80 GEL for cleaning the vehicle if the latter requires more thorough cleaning than standard cleaning upon return. Provided that the vehicle is returned with a fuel tank which at the time of acceptance is filled less than was stated in the Lease Agreement, the Renter is responsible for the full fuel costs incurred. An additional small fee in the amount of 2.5 GEL shall be charged for each missing liter of fuel. When returning the vehicle, the remaining fuel is not returned.

Please note that this is not the sale of fuel.

Parking Fines and Road Penalties

1. Provided that the Renter receives fines during the rental period, the ETS company is informed of this fact when returning the vehicle. When registering a road accident, the ETS company has the right to charge a penalty, administrative costs incurred and other payments from the credit card provided by the direct Renter.

2. The Renter can obtain the necessary copy of the notice of the violation that was fully paid for from the transport company at any time.

3. Provided that the fines mentioned in the section “Parking Fines and Road Penalties” have been fully paid by the ETS company, the direct Renter reimburses all the costs, as well as paying legal expenses incurred in strict compliance with the price list from the Lessor.

4. Upon signing the Agreement, the direct Renter agrees that he/she is fully liable for the road fines and fines for improper parking received during the use of the vehicle, including violation of the current law and its consequences.

Validity of the Agreed Terms

Any disputes that arise between the Renter and the company will be resolved through negotiations between such Parties. In case of failure of negotiations, the disputes will be settled in the court in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.

Personal Information

During the conclusion of the Lease Agreement, the direct Renter fully agrees that he is notified of the fact that the ETS company necessarily has the right to keep his/her personal information and use it in accordance with its needs, which include conducting static analysis, checking the solvency and ensuring the protection of property of the transport company ETS.

At the same time, in case of violation of the important terms of the Lease Agreement, the company has the right to provide information to the state authorities.

Use of the Rented Vehicle

The driver is obliged to drive the vehicle in compliance with all registration standards, as well as technical specifications. In so doing, the vehicle must be parked strictly in the parking areas. The Renter is fully responsible for the package of documents for the transport provided by the ETS employees.

The use of the vehicle is prohibited in the following cases:

1. illegally planned actions;

2. transfer of the vehicle to unauthorized persons;

3. driving on the territory where driving is prohibited;

4. teaching another person to drive;

5. conducting the races;

6. violation of road regulations and other legal acts;

7. transportation of animals, which is permitted only with the consent of the ETS personnel and in the cells intended for this purpose.

Limitations in Driving

Driving outside Georgia is permitted only with a prior written permission, confirmed by the ETS personnel. Such a special permit shall be added to the Lease Agreement.

Driving in the territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia is being prohibited temporarily.

In addition, driving in the areas of Ushguli, Omalo, Gergeti and Goderdzi mountain pass is prohibited as well, since a special professional training is required to drive there. This can be life threatening for drivers who do not possess appropriate driving experience.

Off-road driving is prohibited as well.

Liability for Property

The ETS company shall not be liable for property left in the rented vehicle. To avoid this, the Renter must carefully check the vehicle upon return.

Cases of Road Accidents, Damage, Theft and Vandalism

1. The Renter must report any accident to the police, ETS and insurance company and follow their instructions; the Renter must not move the car from the accident place before the arrival of the traffic police. The Renter is obliged to submit the protocol regarding the accident to the representatives of ETS and the insurance company

2. The Renter shall not have the right to take responsibility or to release the other side of the incident from responsibility on his/her personal decision without the permission from the ETS company and the presence of police. Provided the Renter does not comply with these instructions, he/she is fully responsible for the damage caused to the car.

3. The Renter is obliged to keep documents, keys, remote control and anti-theft system at home. In the case of car theft, the Renter must provide the ETS with the above listed items.

4. The Renter is obliged to cooperate with ETS and with the insurance company during the investigation of the accident, theft and/or vandalism. If these items are ignored, the Renter shall bear full legal and financial responsibility.

5. The ETS company has the right for the reimbursement for damage to the vehicle not revealed at the time of the return of the car due to the following circumstances: the dark time of the day, weather conditions, dirt, the location of the vehicle. According to the paragraph “Damage, Accidents, Theft and Vandalism", the ETS company has the right for reimbursement only for the loss and damage that were detected no later than 36 hours after the return of the vehicle by the Renter.

Terms of Payment

1. Upon signing the Lease Agreement, the Renter agrees with the right of the ETS company to collect all costs from submitted by the Renter credit card or using another method of payment, which is confirmed by the Lessor. In addition, ETS has the right to block the amount equal to 330-400 Gel. The withheld deposit amount will be unblocked within 21 working days after returning the vehicle. In accordance with the Lease Agreement, the Renter is fully responsible for covering all the costs that are associated with the used vehicle.

Payment is carried out in the national currency at the rate set by the National Bank of Georgia according with the tariffs active on the day of payment. All types of credit cards are accepted.

Insurance Packages

The transport company ETS provides customers with 3 types of special insurance packages: standard package, semi-full and full packages.

1. The price of a standard insurance package is already included in the price of the lease of a vehicle and represents at the same time: insurance in case of a road accident to cover all types of damage to a rented vehicle as a result of an accident. TP (provision of the protection against sudden theft), insurance of transported passengers, as well as compulsory insurance of the present third party.

When choosing a usual standard insurance package, a certain deposit amount is blocked. The franchise constitutes approximately from 330 to 400 GEL in accordance with the group of the rented vehicle and it is unblocked when the vehicle is returned to the company in the same condition in which it was accepted by the Renter, taking into account the natural wear and tear.

The insurance package will be effective only if the Renter sends a message to the company about the damage or accidents that occurred within 24 hours.

2. A semi-full insurance package is valid to cover all types of damage except for windows and tires. Semi-full insurance is considered an additional service provided with a daily payable amount of 25 GEL and with a total payment for the entire period of the rent - 170 GEL despite the lease term.

3. The full insurance package consists of standard insurance, but compared to the standard insurance package, the amount of damage not covered is zero.

Provided you choose the full insurance package, you must pay a daily fee of 35 GEL. The maximum total payment for the whole rental period is 245 GEL. This amount is not refundable.

The choice of the insurance package does not affect the amount of the franchise.

All types of insurance packages used are valid if:

- the name of the direct driver is written in the signed Lease Agreement with the ETS company

- the Renter was not under alcoholic or narcotic intoxication

- if the insurance company and the ETS company were informed in a timely manner regarding the accident or the damage that took place.

When signing the Lease Agreement, the Renter confirms and fully accepts the terms, expressing his/her consent with them.