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Tips for Drivers

Tips for Drivers

Georgia is a beautiful country. It is replete with picturesque landscapes and historical monuments. Here you can find delicious dishes, real Georgian wine, and the nature of incredible beauty. Of course, it is very convenient to get acquainted with all this splendor in a private car.

Any type of car can be recommended for driving in Georgia in order to sight see the country. The roads complying with the international standards, give opportunity to drive with a high speed. In case you are attracted with mountainous adventures, SUV type of cars are the most efficient vehicles.

Despite the fact that international traffic rules are used in Georgia, driving here, like everything else, is not without a southern temperament. Do not be surprised if you meet emotional drivers on the road, hurrying everywhere and always. Moreover, do not be surprised if someone makes way for you.

GPS is most convenient for navigation. However, if you are going to explore hidden from the eyes, secluded sights, we recommend asking the road to the locals. People in Georgia are very friendly and most of them will show you the way with pleasure. The most important thing is the right way :)

It is also very important for the driver in Georgia to avoid the temptation to drink a glass or two of natural wine. Driving in a drunken state is punished quite severely.

In Georgia, the Road Patrol controls the roads. Their cars are always equipped with a flasher, which makes them noticeable on the road day and night. In case of communication with the patrol in Georgia, do not try to offer "to settle the problem on the spot" (a bribe!) :) This can lead to big problems, so it's better not to violate the traffic rules, and in case of violation, you can pay a fine in any branch of any bank on the territory of Georgia. Furthermore, do not be afraid to contact the patrol in case of problems on the road.


In Tbilisi you can see the parking spaces outlined by the dotted line. These places are provided by the "Tbilisi Transport Company". All cars of the company ETS CARS have a paid license for using such parking places.

Speed limits in Georgia are as follows:

Motorway: 110 km/h

Standard roads between cities: 90 km/h

Within the city limits: 60 km/h (If there are no other limits)

We wish you a pleasant journey through Georgia!

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