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Where to Go in South Georgia

Where to Go in South Georgia

Each corner of Georgia has its own distinctive features, nature and sights. What can you see in the southern part of Georgia?

In southern Georgia, you must visit the cave complex Vardzia, a city carved into a rock. The monument of medieval Georgian architecture in the valley of the river Kura (Mtkvari) was built in the 12th-13th centuries by the order of George III and Queen Tamara. The complex was originally hidden from the prying eyes inside the rock. Only after the rock layer fell off during the earthquake did the whole cave city open. It has no analogues in the world.

The fortress Rabat is in an hour's drive from Vardzia, near the town of Akhaltsikhe. The fortress has been recently restored. Here you can spend interesting time and get acquainted with the history of Georgia. There is even a functioning hotel inside the fortress Rabat.

Nearby there is the Borjomi Gorge and Borjomi water sources known all over the world.

Borjomi is a popular place for family holidays. It is really pleasant to walk in Borjomi park. There is a lot of entertainment, fresh air and of course natural springs of Borjomi curative water.

The city-fortress of Dmanisi can also be an interesting place for tourists. The remains of the most ancient Europeans aged 1.85 million years are found here.

Of course, we should not ignore the mountain resort of Bakuriani. It is a popular destination not only in winter but also in summer. There are two cableways, one of which rises to the top of Didveli from where a breathtaking panorama of the Lesser Caucasus opens.

From southern Georgia you can get to the western one not only along the central highways but also along the road leading from Akhaltsikhe, through the mountainous Adjaria. This path is longer and more winding, but you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the subtropical landscape along the way.

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